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You guys are really awesome and make amazing fanart and snk is a really great show and yeee


There is a problem. 

A really really big problem. 

Sie sind das essen und wir sind die jaegar" seems to have become a popular phrase on tumblr!

..The problem is… that’s NOT what they’re saying in the anime. This is a miss translation. A BIG one. If you would like proof, go ahead and check the official funimation subbed version of the song. Sie sind das essen und wir sind die jaegar. Is. Wrong. It also loosely translates (with bad grammar and messed up pronouns) to: You are the food and we are the hunters. Make much sense in the context? No. Not really. The actual phrase is: 

Sind sie das essen? Nien, wir sind der jaegar. 


Translating to: Are you the food? No. We are the hunters.

Make more sense? 


this has been a psa from an actual german speaking friend yooo

…i dont see how this is caps lock IMPORTANT erm..

but seriously i listened to the song lots of times and in the beginning its definitely “sie sind" and not “sind sie", and theres no “der" at all and i dont care if funimation says so


GLADLY. Torisprite is right. It is clearly ‘Sie sind das Essen’. It is also in no way possible for it to be ‘der Jäger’, as it not only sounds nothing like it, but also means ‘the hunter’ - singular. ‘Die Jäger’ however would be plural, and thus would make sense. In context, this makes just as much sense, albeit it is directed at someone else; the ‘Sie’ in feathersandtrenchcoats’ version would be the formal ‘you’, whilst in the actual version, it is meant to be ‘they’, as in ‘They are the food and we are the hunters.’

As much as I like Funimation, they don’t necessarily have good subtitles. I remember watching Soul Eater on Youtube and the English subs were… Interesting.

The translation of ‘Sind sie das essen? Nien, wir sind der jaegar.’ makes me cringe because Essen and Jäger are nouns, and thus capitalised in German, plus it’s nein and not nien.

This has been a PSA of an actual native German speaking friend.

(Well, since you ask, Sam…)

I agree with shanevamp that the common fan-transcribed version is the most grammatically correct and makes the most sense—and if the misspellings are in fact Funimation’s and not the original poster’s, then… yeah, that is cringeworthy.

Having listened way too many times to a single line of a song for the sake of an internet argument for a fandom I’m not even in (I make great life choices), I think what I’m hearing is “Seid Ihr das Essen und wir sind die Jäger.” The bit at the beginning is the least clear; I tried mucking around with it in Audacity so I could hear it better, but I still wouldn’t stake my last dollar on it being “Seid Ihr” (fortunately this is a situation which is unlikely to come up in any case). I definitely hear “und” instead of “nein” and “die Jäger” instead of “der Jäger,” regardless of what the booklet says.

This is still a little bit grammatically wonky, since you normally would say “Ihr seid” and not “seid Ihr” if it’s not a question—basically what it translates to is “Are you (plural) the food and we are the hunters” (sic). But it does make slightly more sense than either the lyrics booklet version or Funimation’s version.

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